#1 onchain growth stack for creators

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Features built for growth

Custom frame builder

No-code frame builder

Create frames compatible with all Farcaster, Lens, XMTP and all other surfaces.

Direct message marketing

Direct message marketing

Drive sales and make instant connections through direct messages on Farcaster. 

Wallet notifications 2

Wallet notifications

Send messages to your customers using only their wallet address.

Token gated products & discounts 3

Tokengate products & discounts

Offer your web3 customers access to exclusive products and discounts. 

List & sell products on farcaster

List & sell products on Farcaster

Create shoppable posts with products from your Shopify store and sell them on any Farcaster client.

Customer activity 2

Track your customers activity

View your customers' activity and connect their on-chain & online data in one place.

Start growing your brand today

Case studies

Engaging Beyond Expectations: PERCS Redefines Earnings Calls for Coinbase

Traditionally, earnings calls are boring updates. That's why, Coinbase teamed up with Percs to make them interactive events for their onchain audience.Coinbase launched their Q1 '24 earnings report...

Coinbase x percs   1

Budweiser Shakes Up the Collectibles Game with NFTs: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Anheuser Busch InBev (ABI), the parent company of Budweiser, has always been a forward-thinking brand, constantly on the lookout for new technologies to benefit their business. In 2021, with the ra...

Budweiser nft collection low 8io6h

Luxury Brand 9DCC Sells Products on Farcaster Through a Frame, Powered by PERCS

Luxury brand 9DCC, founded by Gmoney, has partnered with PERCS to sell their high-end products directly on Farcaster. This marks a significant step forward in blending luxury retail with Web3 techn...

9dcc percs collab hx2pz
1. humankind farcaster master class by6nl

Case study: Key Lessons from Humankind's Successful Campaign on Warpcast2 min read

Samantha, a prominent figure on Warpcast, and one of the top voices in the Founders channel, has given a true masterclass in e-commerce strategy on Farcaster through their distinct approach. Known...

2. nouns factory x percs vk8pm

Case study: Nouns Factory and PERCS: Get BEANed4 min read

NounsFactory has teamed up with PERCS, leading to an innovative shift in the Web3 retail scene. By integrating PERCS' Frame solution, Nouns Factory offered unique merchandise, like shirts and stickers...

4. golf invades web3 with linksdao iq8nd

Case study: How LinksDAO Leveraged PERCS and the Future of Web3 Messaging Integration4 min read

In the dynamic world of Web3, the partnership between LinksDAO and PERCS has set a benchmark for innovative brand-user interaction. This collaboration was not just a meeting of minds but a fusion of v...

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