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The PERCS team and technology have been instrumental in helping ABInBev launch into the Metaverse. The team is collaborative, resourceful, and hardworking. I would highly recommend partnering with them for any NFT project.

Spencer Gordon, VP, Digital + draftLine, Anheuser-Busch InBev

We used PERCS for our token-gated Women and Weapons Shopify store. Working with the PERCS team was a delight, and they are offering tremendous value to our collectors. We would recommend their apps to anyone. We have been honored to know and partner with them and hope to continue to build a long-lasting relationship together.

Jake Baumann, Co-Founder, Women and Weapons

Otherlife has full confidence when working with PERCS - something that is extremely rare in the web3 space. We appreciate their level of expertise and care for customer support. We were privileged to build their branding and visual language.

Michael Perrow, CEO, OTHERLIFE (Acquired by Moonpay)

We've worked with the PERCS team on several enterprise brand NFT programs; working hand-in-hand to help traditional companies move into the world of Web3. Driven by a spirit of true partnership; we've been impressed with their ability to develop and deploy custom solutions to support both drops and ongoing NFT community engagement activities.

Avery Akkineni President, VaynerNFT
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Food Fighters Universe | The First Web3 Restaurant Group

Food Fighters Universe (FFU) is the world’s first NFT restaurant group, on a mission to bridge food with web3 technology. Founded in 2022, the company quickly became a key player in the web3 space after the successful launch of their NFT-themed fast food restaurant, Bored and Hungry.

The most unique thing about Food Fighters Universe might be their ....

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