7-Eleven Launches Slurpees: Exploring the Potential of NFTs for Customer Loyalty

published on 19 July 2023
7-Eleven proves NFTs and Web3 are for every brand with their new web3 campaign.
7-Eleven proves NFTs and Web3 are for every brand with their new web3 campaign.

In a bold move that merges the worlds of digital collectibles and convenience stores, 7-Eleven, the renowned retail chain, has entered the world of NFTs with its latest collection called Slurpees. As a brand that has always embraced innovation, 7-Eleven aims to leverage the possibilities offered by NFTs to enhance customer loyalty. Let's delve into the details of this exciting development and explore the potential impact of NFTs on customer engagement.

Every brand can get into Web3, 7-eleven is the proof.

7-Eleven is a globally recognized retail chain that operates convenience stores in numerous countries. Known for its 24/7 accessibility, wide range of products, and popular proprietary beverages like Slurpee, 7-Eleven has built a strong reputation for delivering convenience and quality to its customers.

The Slurpees NFT Collection

The Slurpees NFT collection is a digital collectible series launched by 7-Eleven. Inspired by their iconic frozen beverage, the collection features a variety of unique, digital Slurpee cups, each with distinct designs and characteristics. These digital assets are secured on the Polygon blockchain, known for its scalability and low transaction fees. The collectives can't be traded by customers though, being attached to the user profile. 

One interesting point is also 7-Eleven's decision to use the term "digital collectibles" instead of NFTs is a strategic move to appeal to a wider audience. By leveraging the popularity of collectibles, 7-Eleven aims to tap into the existing enthusiasm for limited edition items and offer their customers a novel way to engage with their brand.

Enhancing Customer Loyalty through NFTs

NFTs offer unique opportunities for brands to deepen customer loyalty and engagement. By minting limited edition digital assets, such as the Slurpees NFTs, 7-Eleven creates a sense of community and owning more items from a company you love, making the collectibles highly desirable to their customer base. These digital assets can be used to reward loyal customers or as part of interactive marketing campaigns, fostering a stronger bond between the brand and its consumers.

Moreover, NFTs enable brands to offer additional benefits and perks to their NFT holders. For instance, 7-Eleven could explore partnerships with other businesses to provide exclusive discounts, access to events, or even physical rewards. By building an ecosystem that connects the digital and physical realms, 7-Eleven can incentivize customers to engage further with the brand, enhancing customer loyalty.


With the launch of the Slurpees NFT collection, 7-Eleven showcases its commitment to innovation and customer loyalty. By leveraging the power of NFTs, 7-Eleven introduces a new dimension to its brand experience, offering digital collectibles that resonate with its customer base. The possibilities presented by NFTs for customer engagement are vast, and forward-thinking brands like 7-Eleven are leading the way in leveraging this technology to foster stronger connections with their audience.

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