PERCS + Coinbase: a strong partnership to onboard the next 1 million Brands.

published on 18 August 2023
Empowering Brands in Web3: PERCS Joins Coinbase Partner Network to Shape the Future Together
Empowering Brands in Web3: PERCS Joins Coinbase Partner Network to Shape the Future Together

We're proud to say that PERCS, a Web3 TokenGating company with an impressive track record, has officially joined the Coinbase Partner Network, solidifying an important partnership with Coinbase in a mission to empower the next 1 million brands that will join Web3.

Let's dive in to understand this partnership and what it signifies for the expansive realm of Web3.

Coinbase Partner Network:

Coinbase, one of the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms, has recently unveiled its Partner Network, aiming to assemble the world's largest consortium of vetted solution providers in web3. The goal is clear: to make the integration and usage of web3 technologies as seamless as possible. The full scope of their vision can be explored here.

Enter PERCS:

PERCS is no ordinary player in this sphere. With a mission to onboard a whopping 1 million brands to Web3, we've already showcased prowess in the last 12 months. PERCS has assisted brands in selling over $10M worth of NFTs and tokengated an astonishing $15M worth of merchandise for its clientele.

This isn’t just about the numbers, but it's an affirmation of PERCS's commitment to making the Web3 ecosystem more accessible and beneficial for brands across the spectrum. As a consulting partner to Coinbase, the alliance brings to the table expertise, innovative solutions, and a profound understanding of how brands can truly leverage the power of Web3.

PERCS + Coinbase: What does this mean?

This collaboration is more than just a partnership. It's a confluence of visions and aspirations. While Coinbase brings its vast user base, robust platform, and reputation, PERCS complements this with its unique tokengating solutions and consulting expertise. Together, we aim to redefine how brands engage with the Web3 domain.

For a more detailed narrative of how this alliance came to be and what we can expect in the coming times, don't miss the full story on Coinbase's site: PERCS + Coinbase alliance.

Wrapping up:

The PERCS-Coinbase union is a testament to the evolving nature of Web3 and how collaborations can amplify the benefits of decentralized technologies. As the digital realm marches ahead, such alliances pave the way for an inclusive, innovative, and integrated future. We'll be keeping a keen eye on how this partnership unfolds and will ensure to keep you, our users, and clients, updated with every milestone achieved.

Stay tuned and embrace the future of Web3! 

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