These are the Builders Shaping Web3's Future in Bear and Bull Markets

published on 29 August 2023

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Web3, where trends and influencers come and go, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle of high-profile exits and short-lived hype. Just recently, we witnessed the departure of notable figures like @Goldape7398, who turned down a staggering $1 million offer for their digital art piece, signaling a shift in priorities for some.

While such departures may attract attention, it's crucial not to overlook the steadfast builders who remain dedicated to revolutionizing the digital realm. These are the true visionaries who are working tirelessly to create the best solutions for both the community and businesses alike.

These are the builders you must be keeping an eye on either in a bear market or in a bull market, and what they are doing: 

Lens Protocol: Empowering the Decentralized Social Medias

One of the biggest Decentralized Social media protocols is building to expand the lensverse for more and more users. In a recent update, Lens sent invites for more lens users to invite their friends to use lens, and Percs.lens received 3. This strategic move aims to invite more users into the "lensverse," solidifying their commitment to creating a decentralized and vibrant digital space, in a protocol that will get more and more users, and the door is just starting to open. Launching in the Bear Market, backed by Coinbase, secure, low-cost, developer-friendly Ethereum L2 built to bring the next billion users to web3. And they just launched in February. This move signifies their determination to make a lasting impact in the Web3 ecosystem, irrespective of market conditions.

VaynerX: Activating Blockchains in a Down Market

VaynerX's impressive feat of empowering seven new blockchain activations during challenging market conditions exemplifies its dedication to advancing the technology. Their commitment to fostering blockchain innovation remains steadfast, even in the face of adversity. Proven by their recent Web3 activation with 7Eleven! 

Push Protocol: Consistent Improvement

Push Protocol continues to enhance its product, focusing on providing a seamless solution for those building upon its foundation. This dedication to continuous improvement underlines their commitment to creating a strong and adaptable Web3 infrastructure.

Shopify: Launching CommerceKit for Web3

Shopify's introduction of CommerceKit in the realm of Web3 demonstrates its proactive approach to innovation. By creating an all-in-one platform for developers to craft Web3-enabled eCommerce apps, Shopify showcases its determination to remain at the forefront of the evolving digital landscape.

Cryptoon Goonz: Empowering the Community

Cryptoon Goonz not only provides community members with appealing gear and merchandise but also embraces token gating to enhance utility. Their commitment to fostering a robust and engaged community speaks volumes about their dedication to the Web3 space.

XMTP: Powering Web3 Messaging

XMTP's role as a protocol for Web3 messaging is underlined by its adoption by Coinbase Wallet for in-app messaging solutions. This demonstrates XMTP's pivotal contribution to enhancing communication within the Web3 ecosystem.

Arbitrum: Leading the Layer 2 Charge

Arbitrum's proactive engagement in advancing the Layer 2 landscape is evident through its pursuit of Layer 3 solutions. The launch of Arbitrum Orbit and its partnership with AltLayer showcase their determination to push the boundaries of blockchain scalability.

Alchemy: Empowering New Developers

Alchemy's recent launch of an academy for aspiring developers showcases their commitment to nurturing talent within the Web3 space. This move aligns with their overarching mission to create an inclusive and innovative environment for Web3 developers.

Rarible: Empowering Creators with Royalties

Rarible's unique stance of empowering creators with royalties sets them apart in the NFT space. This move underscores their dedication to supporting artists and creators, deviating from trends followed by some competitors.

ConsenSys: Revolutionizing Layer 2 with Linea

ConsenSys's introduction of Linea as a Layer 2 solution, embraced by Metamask wallets, marks a pivotal step towards scaling Ethereum. Their commitment to improving user experience and scalability remains unshaken.

PERCS: Building and Adapting in Web3

PERCS continues to update its tokengating Shopify app while exploring innovative solutions like Web3 messaging. Their dedication to staying current and delivering unique Web3 solutions underscores their status as true builders in the space.


In a bear market, true builders shine even brighter, proving their resilience and dedication. The Web3 revolution owes its momentum not to the fleeting figures that come and go, but to the builders who stand by their beliefs and contribute consistently. As the blockchain landscape continues to evolve, it is these unwavering builders who will remain the driving force, regardless of market conditions.

If you're a brand seeking to leverage the power of Web3 or a builder looking to collaborate, we invite you to reach out to us through our social media channels or email to Let's join hands and shape the future of Web3 together, in both bear and bull markets.

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