Tips Might Not Be the Future of Social Interaction: How Creators Can Be Really Empowered.

published on 07 September 2023
Tips might not be the future of social interaction, the focus must shift to decentralized web3 social media platforms. 
Tips might not be the future of social interaction, the focus must shift to decentralized web3 social media platforms. 

In the ever-evolving realm of digital interactions, the importance of recognizing and rewarding content creators has taken center stage. As users, our patterns of engaging, endorsing, and sharing content have changed drastically. Enter @tipcoineth with their cryptocurrency, tip. They declare themselves as the future of social interaction, offering an innovative way to reward content creators. However, as we'll delve into, what truly has the potential to revolutionize social interactions are real web3 social media channels that prioritize creators' rights over their content.

Tipcoin: Scoring Points for $tip

Tipcoin’s mechanism for rewarding creators is simple yet engaging. When users mention @tipcoineth followed by $tip, they earn points.

For Original Tweets:

  • A limit of 5 per day.
  • 25x Multiplier for every mention.
  • There's a minimum point threshold to achieve.

For Replies:

  • A cap of 50 mentions per day.
  • 1x Multiplier.
  • Maximum of 25k points to be earned.

The idea is to seamlessly reward your peers and favorite creators without toggling between apps. All this, from the coziness of X, a centralized and Web2 Social Media.

A New Dawn: Lenster Built on Lens Protocol

While Tipcoin provides a commendable solution, it’s essential to spotlight other emerging platforms that offer a more holistic approach. One notable mention is Lenster, a social media channel built on the Lens Protocol.

The platform allows users to collect posts from their favorite creators or any content they resonate with. This action ensures that they become part of the protocol's history and the channel’s evolving narrative. More importantly, by doing so, they tip the creators without any intermediary.

This decentralized approach ensures that creators receive their due without any cut taken by a centralized authority. It empowers creators and amplifies the potential for a more organic, transparent, and rewarding interaction.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the Lens Protocol's journey and vision, one can delve into this thought-provoking article.

In Conclusion

As we migrate towards a more digital-first world, platforms like Tipcoin and Lenster will shape the dynamics of social interactions. While @tipcoineth provides an engaging reward mechanism, platforms like Lenster, built on Lens Protocol, offer a more transparent and decentralized approach.

The choice between centralized vs. decentralized will dominate many discussions, but it's undeniable that the future is web3. Dive deeper and explore more on this emerging trend here.

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