Run all your token campaigns in one place

Target an audience. Send messages. Reward customers.

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Works the way you want it

Integrate with your current system or launch a landing page with us. Features are built to support your brand!!

  • 62acbe9b55fe897558e39d90 token
    Tokengate Anything

    Your community or your partner community, it does not matter. Tokengating works for all.

  • 62acbeb942130d376c5b30f5 discount
    Discount Codes

    Provide discounts to your special community. One time use or unlimited usage.

  • 62acbee0bf6c6c781ca1ae2e blockchain
    Pop-up stores or POS

    Invite and reward your online community to your physical locations.

  • 62acbec58b1323af4ae57359 giveaway
    Giveaway products

    Did you promise a free hoodie when you sold NFTs? Now, make that happen here.

  • 62acbed5b6388361f7eb4d33 magical
    Magical audience creator

    Build your audience however you like. Pick an NFT collection. We can create exclusivity by particular attributes or rarity.

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    Have a feature suggestion?

    We are constantly building out new features, but contact us for the latest roadmap or a feature request.

Why us?

  • 1000+ merchants

    Brands love our easy setup solution to run Web3 campaigns. It's completely customizable to meet your brand guidelines. 

  • $15M+ in GMV

    Brands trust us to protect and safely offer their valuables. The number of successful brand campaigns we brought to life speaks to the quality of our app. 

  • 5x Faster

    .Brands need to run experiments to find their niche in Web3, and we make it 5X faster for them to do so

  • Loud speaker
    Add Audience
  • Custom branding screen
    Customize Branding
  • Integrate

Take NFTs to Google and Apple Wallets

Your community won't have to carry their crypto wallet everywhere. Nor do they need to download another app. They can simply download an NFT pass to their Google or Apple wallets.

Google wallet pass base
Device frame
Apple wallet pass base v2
Device frame

Send messages directly to the wallets??? [Web3 messaging]

Working with the best messaging protocols to deliver your message to your customers. (coming soon). 

Web3 messaging shot

If you're a developer

You can create super apps with us

Are you working on something 😎? Let's build it 🤝.

 Our tech is built to support different types of experiments. It is highly customizable to meet your needs.

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