How PERCS & Women and Weapons Empowered NFT Holders

published on 12 April 2023


Women and Weapons (WAW) is an NFT collection featuring women wielding different types of weapons, with the aim of celebrating and empowering women who embrace strength, self-defense, and resilience. The brand's imagery and messaging often depict women in powerful and confident poses, holding weapons that were traditionally associated with masculine traits. The brand's social media accounts also share posts about women's safety, self-defense techniques, and the importance of mental and physical well-being. At least, this is what we gathered as one of the intentions of Sara Baumann, creator of this Web3 brand.  


In our interactions with the founders, Sara, aka Sparky, and Co-Founder, Jake Baumann, we quickly learned that they were interested in providing utility to their NFT community beyond simply collecting and holding the tokens. They approached us, to help them develop a strategy for providing this utility.



The challenge for PERCS was to activate utility to WAW’s NFT holders that aligned with the brand's values and aesthetics, but also a cost-effective on-ramp solution for a new brand that is still trying to solidify its foothold in Web3. The brand's founders were interested in creating a way for NFT holders to earn rewards and interact with each other, but they didn't want to simply copy speculative models like staking or liquidity farming.


PERCS worked with the WAW’s team to turn on the utility component of belonging into their budding NFT community through merchandise tokengating.  To promote the new feature to the brand’s audience, WAW did not require an in-house blockchain team to bridge their Shopify eCommerce platform to Web3.   


WAW’s tokengating launched in Q1 of 2022 and was well-received by the Women and Weapons' NFT community. 

“We used PERCS for our token-gated Women and Weapons Shopify store. Working with the PERCS team was a delight, and they are offering tremendous value to our collectors. We would recommend their product to anyone. We have been honored to know and partner with them and hope to continue to build a long-lasting relationship together.”

- Jake Baumann

Since then, WAW went from a budding Web3 brand to having incredible brand equity, with successful subsequent editions, and product lineup. We're pumped to see what else is in store for this artist.


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