Driving Customer Loyalty Engagement with Jarritos' NFTs & Tokengating

published on 03 May 2023


Jarritos is a popular Mexican soda brand that has been around since 1950. In an effort to connect with the younger, tech-savvy audience, the brand decided to create an NFT collection featuring their iconic soda flavors. Jarritos partnered with PERCS to provide additional utility and benefits for the holders of their new NFT collection.


Jarritos used their internal graphics and marketing team to design the landing page, PERCS assisted with guidance on how to customize their tokengating components to enable their vision to come through. 


Each holder of a Bones by Jarritos would get a free branded skatedeck they only need to cover shipping.



The giveaway is currently live as of 12pm EDT on 05-03, where Jarritos' NFT holders can continue on their web 3 journey. Once Jarritos was onboarded with creating a giveaway campaign, they were able to add a storewide tokengated discount campaign that was conceptualized, tested, and launched within a week using PERCS new V2 discount campaign flow. We're excited to activate this campaign for Jarritos, and we continue to follow their journey into Web3. For any questions about this campaign, reach out to our builders team.


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