Farcaster Frames by PERCS: The Future of Omnichannel Commerce on Shopify!

updated on 10 April 2024

Buckle up, degens! We're dropping a game-changer app that'll launch your Shopify store into Farcaster. Frames by PERCS just blasted out of beta and landed on the Shopify app store, ready for shoppable madness to maximize your profits.

Farcaster is the new home of Web3. Built on open protocols, it's where crypto builders, NFT enthusiasts, and tastemakers gather (Even Vitalik dropped out of Twitter to be on Farcaster). Imagine selling your hottest drops directly to this hyper-engaged audience, all from your Shopify store on a decentralized social network.


Frames by PERCS is your rocket fuel.  No-code, easy-peasy setup. Just a few clicks and you'll be:

  • 🎩 Sellin' with Farcaster: Pick your fire products from your Shopify store and the app whips up a sick frame (post) to shill them on Farcaster.
  • 🌕 Schedule to the Moon: Time your drops for maximum impact. You control when your frames go live to milk that sweet engagement.
  • ✌️Two-Click Checkout: Frictionless purchases for your customers. They'll be snagging your NFTs and limited edition merch faster than you can say "diamond hands." Crypto and fiat – we got you covered.
  • 🔵 Omnichannel Like a Boss: Reach your audience wherever they're Farcastin’, no matter which client they use. The app makes omnichannel commerce your new superpower.

Farcaster? More like $$$caster.

  • 📈 Exponential Growth: This ain't no MySpace. Farcaster's user base is going parabolic, and they're hungry for the next hot thing (which is obviously your stuff).
  • 📳 Social Commerce Nirvana: Farcaster's built for creators and brands to connect directly with their audience and sell seamlessly. Frames by PERCS puts you at the forefront of this revolution.

Ready to go to the Top?

Getting started with the app is easier than FOMOing over a missed drop:

  1. Install Frames by PERCS from the Shopify app store: https://apps.shopify.com/percs-farcaster-frames
  2. Pick Your Products: Choose products directly from catalog to showcase to the Farcaster audience.
  3. The App Does the Work: We'll craft a killer frame to showcase your products in all their glory.
  4. Schedule Your Campaigns: Pick the prime time to deploy your frame and melt some faces.
  5. Collect Your Loot: Watch the sales roll in as your customers empty your shelves  at lightning speed.

Wanna See it in Action?

Book a free demo and witness the magic for yourself (or simply have questions). See how we can turn your Shopify store into a Farcaster conversion machine: [https://tally.so/r/3xaeDv]

Who's Already Ballin' with Frames by PERCS?

We're tight with some of the hottest brands in the space, like 9dcc, Nouns Factory, & Humankind; and they're crushing it with our app. Stay tuned for their epic stories coming at you soon.

TLDR: Buckle up!

We're constantly innovating to make Frames by PERCS your ultimate Farcaster sales weapon. Here's a sneak peek at what's coming:

  • Shopify App Link: Open to 2M merchants using Shopify
  • Fanatic Audience: 24x7 global buyers with crypto bags ready be spent
  • Higher Conversion Rates: Engagement rate is to the moon
  • Multi-Channel Domination: Sell across multiple Farcaster channels simultaneously. Cast your net wide and capture all the degens.

Spread the word

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WAGMI with Frames by PERCS!

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