Revolutionize Your Online Store with PERCS Frame: A New Way to Shop on Farcaster

published on 27 March 2024

Staying ahead means embracing innovation and leveraging the latest technologies to enhance the shopping experience. This is where PERCS Frame enters the scene, transforming how brands engage with their audiences on Farcaster. With PERCS Frame, any store can create shoppable posts directly on Farcaster, seamlessly guiding customers from browsing to checkout, and significantly boosting conversion rates.


PERCS Frame has already been adopted by pioneering stores across various niches, demonstrating its versatility and effectiveness. Let's delve into some success stories:

  1. 9dcc: 9dcc has seamlessly integrated PERCS Frame to offer exclusive high-end products. Their innovative approach allows customers to shop effortlessly for luxury items within the Farcaster platform, setting a new standard for online luxury shopping.
  2. Humankind: Focusing on mindfulness, Humankind offers an array of candles through Farcaster, utilizing the PERCS Frame. This approach caters to the wellness-minded consumer looking for convenience and simplicity in their shopping journey.
  3. ArtsFighters: ArtsFighters uses PERCS Frame to sell unique items inspired by NFT collections. This innovative strategy opens up a new realm for collectors and art enthusiasts to acquire exclusive pieces directly from Farcaster, bridging the gap between digital and physical art collecting.
  4. Fractal Visions: Specializing in unique artworks, Fractal Visions leverages PERCS Frame to reach a broader audience. By offering their one-of-a-kind creations on Farcaster, they tap into a community of art lovers and collectors, enhancing visibility and accessibility.
  5. Nouns Factory: Catering to the fervent fans of the Nouns NFT collection, Nouns Factory offers exclusive merchandise through PERCS Frame. This strategy not only caters to the dedicated community but also showcases the potential for niche markets to thrive on Farcaster.
  6. Additional Ventures: Many other stores and creators are starting to realize the benefits of PERCS Frame, launching a diverse range of products from fashion to digital art, each enhancing their online presence and sales potential.

PERCS Frame is a new way of thinking about online retail. By enabling direct purchases through Farcaster, it shortens the customer journey, eliminates friction, and provides a seamless shopping experience. Whether you're a luxury brand, an artist, or a niche product creator, PERCS Frame empowers you to reach and convert your Farcaster audience effectively.

In conclusion, the integration of PERCS Frame with Farcaster is opening a world of opportunities for stores and brands of all sizes. The success stories of 9dcc, Humankind, ArtsFighters, and others are just the beginning. With PERCS Frame, the future of e-commerce is here, enabling any store to create shoppable posts directly on Farcaster and transform browsing into buying.

Don't let your brand be left behind; embrace the future with PERCS Frame.

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