The Story of The Hundreds and PERCS Collaboration

published on 30 January 2024

In the dynamic world of Web3, innovative collaborations are reshaping how brands interact with their communities. A prime example of this is the partnership between The Hundreds and PERCS, a journey that not only addressed unique challenges but also set a new standard for NFT utility and community engagement. This article delves into their collaboration and the exciting future of Web3 messaging.

The Challenge Faced by The Hundreds

Adam Bomb Squad, an NFT project by The Hundreds, was designed as more than just a digital collectible. It represented a membership card, offering unique perks within the ABS community. However, The Hundreds faced a significant challenge: integrating these NFT perks with their eCommerce store. Existing technical solutions fell short in effectively utilizing the unique metadata of their NFTs for tokengating purposes.

PERCS' Innovative Solution

Recognizing the need for a seamless Web2 and Web3 integration, PERCS stepped in with a groundbreaking solution. We developed the first Shopify integrated NFT Gating App tailored for The Hundreds' Shopify store. This no-code solution enabled The Hundreds to:

  • Select specific NFT attributes for tokengating.
  • Load custom wallet CSV allow lists for specific community segments.
  • Seamlessly integrate NFT utility without requiring extensive blockchain expertise.

This integration was crucial for The Hundreds, aiming to be the most prominent fashion label in the Metaverse, as per Bobby Hundreds' vision.

Results of the Collaboration

The partnership yielded impressive results, marking several firsts in the industry:

  • Trailblazing NFT Verification and Gating: The Hundreds became pioneers in using Shopify for NFT verification and gating, enhancing the Adam Bomb Squad's community engagement.
  • Customizable Campaigns: The solution empowered The Hundreds to quickly publish campaigns, engaging with partner communities and effectively doubling their Web3 target audience.
  • Feedback from The Hundreds: Their Digital Brand Manager praised the PERCS app for its pivotal role in engaging the community and contributing to the project's success.

The Evolution: Introducing PERCS Web3 Messaging

Building on this successful partnership, PERCS is excited to announce the introduction of Web3 messaging. This feature is set to revolutionize brand-user interactions, allowing for direct and personalized communication through users' Ethereum wallets. With applications ideal for projects like Adam Bomb Squad, Web3 messaging will enable brands to:

  • Send real-time updates, rewards, and exclusive offers directly to their audience.
  • Deepen the connection with their community through direct and secure communication channels.

The Future Implications

This evolution in Web3 messaging signifies a transformative shift in how digital communities engage. It's not just an upgrade; it's a new paradigm in digital marketing and community engagement, setting new standards in the Web3 era.


The Hundreds and PERCS collaboration is a testament to the power of innovative solutions in overcoming technical challenges and enhancing community engagement. As we step into the future with Web3 messaging, we look forward to seeing how this technology will continue to transform brand-user interactions, making every digital interaction more personal and impactful.

Join us as we embark on this exciting new chapter and redefine engagement in the Web3 era. Schedule a demo with us to test PERCS Wallet messaging solution! 

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