Best Farcaster Frames - +100 Frames for you to find your favorite

updated on 08 February 2024

Farcaster Frames brought a revolutionary change to the Web3 social space, evident from the 400% surge in Warpcast’s daily active users. These Frames have redefined how users interact with content, enabling seamless engagement with external applications and content directly within the Warpcast app, contributing to an astounding 1,000% increase in daily casts.

Frames Catalog by PERCS

Recognizing the vast diversity and potential of Frames, we at PERCS have curated a specialized space to exhibit this innovation. Our site now offers an extensive collection of over 100 Frames, each crafted to provide unique experiences and functionalities.

Showcasing Top Farcaster Frames

Our extensive catalog includes over 100 Frames, each with its unique features and applications. Highlighted examples include:

  1. Doom in a Frame: Immerse yourself in the classic Doom game directly within Farcaster. Play Doom here.
  2. Degen Casino: Experience the first casino in a Frame on Farcaster, using the DEGEN token. Try your luck.
  3. Neynar Survey: Participate in a unique survey with rewards, exclusively on Farcaster. Join the survey.
  4. FID Checker: Easily check your Farcaster ID stats with just a click. View your stats.
  5. Spoiler Alert: Reveal spoilers at your own risk on Farcaster! Reveal Spoilers.

… and many more, including the viral Degen Frame, the first generative art mint, interactive stories, on-chain games, and innovative polling mechanisms.

Concluding Thoughts

Frames represent a significant step forward in merging social media with Web3 technologies, offering an innovative canvas for digital expression and interaction. Our PERCS catalog is just the beginning. We encourage you to explore these cutting-edge Frames and stay informed about the latest Web3 trends.

Visit to discover the full range of over 100 Frames and learn more about our wallet messaging solution.

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