PERCS and XMTP Protocol: Redefining Web3 Marketing with Direct-to-Wallet Engagement

published on 22 November 2023

PERCS, in partnership with the XMTP Protocol, is set to revolutionize Web3 Marketing with Direct to Wallet Engagement. Brands can now send messages directly to their consumer wallets, while consumers have full control over the subscribers. This new and unique channel – direct wallet messaging – is the best way for brands to onboard consumers into new physical and digital experiences and bring them back to the website for conversations. It’s set to enhance engagement and higher conversion for brands.

Web3 engagement is broken!

Until now, Web3 users had to rely on standard methods like email, telegram, discord, WhatsApp, and more, to communicate among themselves and to receive updates. Some of the many issues with these products are:

  1. Centralization: Most of the widely used communication platforms are centralized, meaning they are controlled by a single entity. This centralization not only raises concerns about data ownership and security but also creates a single point of failure. If the central authority experiences downtime or decides to censor content, users, and communities are left powerless.
  2. Privacy Concerns: Many of these platforms often compromise user privacy by collecting and monetizing user data. This not only erodes trust but also exposes users to potential data breaches and surveillance, a critical concern in an era where privacy is highly valued.
  3. Lack of Integration: These platforms are often disconnected from the broader Web3 ecosystem. They do not seamlessly integrate with decentralized applications (dApps) and blockchain-based services, limiting the scope of interaction and engagement within the Web3 space.

In short, these methods fall short in terms of decentralization and privacy, leaving brands and communities in search of more effective solutions.

That's where XMTP and PERCS surge to solve the current issue.

XMTP Protocol: Showing how the Web3 engagement problem can be solved

XMTP Protocol enables seamless engagement between Ethereum-compatible wallets, facilitating secure connections among brands, communities, and creators.

Built on top of the XMTP protocol, PERCS introduced a solution that empowers brands to reach their audiences, fostering deeper connections and more engaging interactions.

Empowering Brands and Communities (ADD MORE EXAMPLES AS MESSAGES)

With PERCS' integration of XMTP Protocol, brands can now send personalized messages to their users.

1. Direct Updates: Deliver critical announcements to users for instant, unmissable communication.


2. Personalized Messaging: Tailor messages to individual preferences, boosting relevance and engagement.


3. Trigger Messages: Automate responses based on user actions, guiding personalized user journeys.


4. Exclusive Opportunities: Offer personalized deals to boost engagement and conversions.


5. Enhanced Loyalty: Build trust and loyalty through tailored interactions.


6. CRM Enrichment: Integrate wallet data to gain insights into user behavior.

This ensures that important messages don't get lost in the noise of notifications or social media, providing a more effective channel for communication. Similarly, communities and creators can now communicate effortlessly with their members, nurturing stronger relationships and facilitating active participation.

How does it work?

How to Subscribe to PERCS Web3 Messaging using the Coinbase Mobile App

πŸ‘† This is what users can see.

How to send Web3 messages to your subscribers

πŸ‘† This is how brands can create a campaign.

More details

  • Access the PERCS: Manage your audience and create messages from a centralized platform.
  • Compose Messages: Craft tailored announcements or updates. Send to Your List: Effortlessly reach your entire subscriber list.
  • Website Integration: Easily grow your Web3 messaging list with our WalletConnect integration.
  • User Subscription: Users connect their Ethereum wallets and sign up securely.
  • Wallet Authentication: Verify users with XMTP-enabled wallets.
  • Build Your List: As users sign up, they join your Web3 messaging list.
  • Message Your Community: Define who receives your messages and communicate with them.
  • Seamless User Experience: Users access messages in their preferred XMTP-compatible apps.
  • Foster Genuine Connections: Build trust, loyalty, and engagement.

What is XMTP?

XMTP, or Extensible Message Transport Protocol, is an open protocol and set of standards designed to enable secure and private messaging within the web3 ecosystem. It offers user authentication, end-to-end encryption, interoperable inbox experiences, and decentralization.

XMTP has gained traction among developers for its ability to provide a reliable and secure messaging infrastructure for blockchain accounts within their applications, making it a valuable tool for various use cases, including secure communication, marketing, DeFi, automation, and more within the web3 landscape.

We invite you to read our blog on XMTP and also go to their Website if you want to learn more about them! 

What is PERCS?

PERCS is a web3 marketing automation company. We are on a mission to onboard 1,000,000 brands to Web3. During our journey, we've already partnered with industry leaders like Budweiser, Superplastic, The Hunderds, LinksDAO, and many more. With our all-in-one solution, you can seamlessly integrate token-gating, discounts, giveaways, contests, messaging, and CRM to supercharge your Web3 campaigns.

We've handled over $15 million in GMV, ensuring the security and compliance of every campaign. Whether you're an enterprise brand or a creator, PERCS is here to help you navigate the Web3 landscape, five times faster.

In summary, PERCS Hub simplifies brand-user communication through Web3 messaging, with partner-friendly XMTP and WalletConnect integration. Transform your interaction with your audience today!

Book a demo with PERCS to learn more.

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